“Working with Netvision has been a unique experience because they team well with the customer’s people and fit into the organization’s culture. They understand our needs and how we do things here, and they are open to working with us our way.”

“Netvision has brought world class innovation and expertise to the whole on-board recruitment and deployment process for vessel operators who want to take their crew management to the next level and achieve better cost benefits and higher efficiencies.”

“Folks at NetVision must hold some sort of world record in response time for troubleshooting. They are lightning-quick on their feet on reacting to client complaints and fixing them.”


“We first contacted Netvision in March 2009 when we were going on an expansion drive. Netvision provided us with the best solution, a virtual web-based system. Now we no longer have to depend on in-house servers, online back-up or network maintenance, it is all included in the package. All-in-all, an excellent choice, competitively priced and extremely responsive.”

“I have known guys at Net Vision for many years and worked with them closely on a number of occasions. They truly understands the HR needs of shipping companies and has a problem-solving attitude that makes them invaluable.”

“Organizational efficiency was one of the objectives we had in mind when we implemented Netvision solutions. They gave us implementation support and training at several offices around the world to help with our goals. We couldn’t have asked for a better partner.”

“With Netvision, we now can enjoy anywhere, anytime system access for all our staff, even those on-board vessels on the high seas. Their applications are simple to use, very functional and yet, highly intelligent and sophisticated. Most of all, we don’t have to worry about security issues or data loss due to server downtime.”

“We work in a global environment with offices located in many countries and employees who are constantly on the move from one continent to another. Netvision provides us with a robust, global network that ties together our widely distributed teams. In addition, their cloud platform gives us freedom to generate, archive and back up as much data as we need… at no extra cost.”

Note: Due to space and privacy concerns, we have provided characterizations of select customers, along with a small sampling of endorsements. More details on these customers, and many other client referrals, are available upon request. Contact us for details.


At Netvision we don't just build a great, industry-beating product but also bring to the table human intangibles that our clients have come to trust and value more than our technical prowess: