Since its inception, Netvision has been very proactive on safeguarding the privacy and security of client data. We have robust technical and organizational controls to ensure your data is safe, and continuously upgrade these to strengthen our security parameters. As a result, we have not had a single security breach in the last two decades.


We have put in place strict policies and protocols on access, use, disclosure, and transfer of customer data. All data location and processing is performed remotely on secured servers, and data is stored in a remote location in an encrypted format. Simultaneously, communication over the network is encrypted. Since data is not stored on the client, access for any user can be restricted instantly.


Role-based access controls allow clients to temporary or short-term users who are given access for the limited period of time. Our system administrators regularly run security audits so that we can acquire day-to-day reports on login information, IP address information, and all system changes made by any individual.


Netvision provides a flexible security environment depending on the client’s need. If your security requirements change, then you can change where your application is deployed. We monitor global as well as local developments on data protection and plug security threats to ensure our clients are protected from external as well as internal lapses.