Compas Cloud


Compas Cloud is designed to address the limitations of existing crew management software in the market, and eliminates many of the reasons that prevent large shipping companies from a systemic changeover.


It offers significant cost savings, easier implementation, better security, business continuity, flexibility, scalability and automatic upgrading.


Besides increasing efficiency, improving cash flow and offering scalability, Compas Cloud offers distinct advantages over legacy systems for crew management.


Better security and easier disaster recovery, for instance. Since all the operations and storage takes place remotely, lost or damaged laptops are no longer a matter of concern for companies, neither are expensive disaster recovery operations.


We offer a very low capital expenditure alternative, since we have a typical “pay as you use” model and also because it is much faster to deploy, clients incur minimum expenses on installation or implementation.


Compas Cloud increases collaboration by allowing people in different geographies and time zones to work on, share and save simultaneously the same documents, which are stored at a remote, central location.


Finally, ours is an environment friendly way to work that consumes less energy and creates a smaller carbon footprint because companies using Compas Cloud save on energy needed for running on-site servers.


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