Crewing Cloud


Under development is Crewing Cloud, a Next Generation recruitment and HR solution that is completely cloud based and aspires to arm large and small operations in crew supply and manning with the power and dynamism of Compas Cloud at amazing cost-saving prices.


Crew providers can operate large databases of sea-going personnel, manage the application process, archive and update seafarer bio-data, plan travel arrangements and ticketing, pursue visa applications, arrange for airport transit and hotel accommodation, provide payroll and tax functions from their offices without undertaking major investment in IT systems.


Crewing Cloud will also allow crewing operators to give limited or full access to their principals and even integrate their operations with Compas Cloud, in case their clients are using it for their own HR needs.


As a subscription service that allows conditional password-based access, depending on which of its employees the crewing office wants to give access to, Crewing Cloud can bring unparalleled efficiency in any localized crewing operation, whether these are independents working for several principals or crewing offices run by a single management company.


Watch this space for more information. We will make an announcement as soon as Crewing Cloud is ready to launch.