Netvision provides complete implementation support so that clients can get the most out of our applications without spending too much time, money or effort in the process.


This means we have a minimum up-and-running time from the moment you decide to hitch a ride with us.


Any normal implementation and adoption initiative goes through a step by step evolution in terms of installation, testing, document and data migration, data integration, customization of applications, process review and training.


Implementation usually starts with comprehensive planning and a detailed analysis of what the company plans to eventually achieve by using our applications.


This is usually followed by an identification of process requirements and specific customization needs of the client.


A project implementation team comprising our technicians and the clients’ people then assumes leadership of the implementation project and takes decisions to get the application adopted on a limited level before opening it up to the rest of the enterprise and partners and associates from outside the organization.


Following rigorous rounds of testing and data migration, the implementation embarks on a training program to bring all users up to the task.


Last but not least, every implementation process is usually followed by a review and further customization to ensure the implementation is a success.