Privacy & Data Protection


Netvision provides hierarchical restrictions for personnel data and takes proactive measures to prevent any unauthorized access, use or transference of such data.


Personnel data protection is an area of concern for all international agencies and unauthorized use of personal data is prohibited by internal law.


Netvision ensures that its applications take adequate measures towards full compliance of various international regulations on personal data protection and privacy.


There are international, regional as well as country-specific conventions on how seafarer data, particularly photographs and professional record, have to be secured and how personal data on any electronic database must not be used to unauthorized purposes.


We take adequate measures so that our clients are always in compliance with such data security and privacy parameters.


Access to all data centers is monitored and kept secure with a vigilance system. Applications are protected from unnecessary access by only allowing appropriate services through the firewall.


Ongoing monitoring and verification of system access are carried out regularly to ensure application security compliance. Stringent password policies prevent unauthorized access to applications.