Netvision’s solutions provide clients with the competitive advantage of continuous innovation without ever again having to go through a tedious upgrade process.


Few companies in our industry innovate at the speed of Netvision; most vendors issue new applications or system upgrades once or twice a year. In some cases, it takes months before a bug fix or new feature is announced.


Netvision rolls out updates independently for each client on a regular basis with a proper change management process in place.


Our customers can take advantage of new innovations the minute they become available.


Netvision clients never have to face a disruptive (or expensive) upgrade process because upgrades are automatically integrated into the core system on their launch.


Netvision notifies users when new functions are available, allowing customers to then test and choose to activate new features at their own discretion.


The Netvision customer base is an organic community and users play a critical role in innovation and product development.


Since users from different companies are constantly in touch with our support team and developers, we get instant feedback on operational issues on a day-to-day basis.


This in turn forms the basis of our continuous innovation strategy, whereby applications and utilities developed with feedback from one section of users is eventually available to all users.